Lucky Clays Farm at the US Open

The US Open is an annual NSCA shoot that rotates location from year to year to allow shooters regionally an opportunity to participate. Claythorne Lodge hosted the US Open this year, in Columbus, Kansas from June 1st- 8th. The shoot is open to competitors at all levels. Participants compete against shooters in their same class.

From Lucky Clays Farm, Jean-Paul Abel, Farm Manager and Keith Overcash, Shooting Sports Coordinator, participated in several events at the 2014 US Open Sporting Clays Championship.

They participated in the following events:
5 Stand – 100 targets
The Preliminary event – 100 targets
20 gauge – 100 targets
28 gauge – 100 targets
410 gauge – 100 targets
The Super Sporting – 50 targets
28 gauge FITASC – 50 targets
The Freedom Cup – 100 targets
The Main event – 200 targets

Keith Overcash is a “C” class shooter and did very well in each event. Jean-Paul Abel is a “D” class shooter and is now poised to move up into the “C” class ranks with a couple more wins. Jean-Paul Abel took 1st place in the 410 gauge event, 2nd place in the 28 gauge event, and 3rd place in the 28 gauge FITASC event.