Lucky Clays Farm Mentioned in NY Times Article

Recently, Lucky Clays Farm was mentioned in an article from the New York Times. Read the excerpt below!


On the Farm, Investors Get Their Hands Dirty


Judy Carpenter bought the land for Lucky Clays Fresh Farm in Norwood, N.C., in 2009 but took two years to decide how to use the 505 acres.

She had been the chairwoman of National Welders Supply Company, which her father started and which she sold in 2007 to Airgas, and her first order of business was to create a sport clay field where she could shoot. Her second, she said, was to find an animal to raise that she would not grow attached to. After much thought, she said, “I don’t think I’d get attached to a fish.”

She sells farm-raised tilapia and various types of lettuce and other vegetables. Hers is a twist on sustainable agriculture: using the fish to increase the nutrients in water to grow the plants and then cleaning the water so it gets used again.

“It’s entirely different than running anything like National Welders Supply Company,” she said. “This one takes quite an investment up front. You have to be willing to make your mistakes. You have to put in a year or two before you make a profit.”

To that end, she said, she added a conference center to the property to help pay for the agricultural operation.

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