Facilities – Lucky Clays Fresh

  • We’re an innovative aquaponics farm that makes fresh easy with a bounty of fish and organic produce grown right on our farm.
  • We raise tilapia and freshwater shrimp in our greenhouse, along with a wide array of organically grown, seasonal heirloom vegetables.

Lucky Clays Fresh

Aquaponics Greenhouse

Fresh Philosophy
Lucky Clays was founded on a philosophy that places priority on a sustainable, symbiotic environment that is capable of naturally producing fresh food year round with no waste, no toxins, and no chemicals. We believe in the strength nature holds to produce wholesome food that truly nourishes our bodies.

Our aquaponics system produces a flawless, natural cycle, in which, a hydroponic system uses nitrates and nitrites to break down fish by-products, providing nutrients for our vegetables. Then, the clean water is recirculated to the aquaculture system, starting the cycle anew.

Fresh Ideas
Judy Carpenter’s commitment to sustainability and the conservation of natural resources has blossomed into the aquaponic expansion of Lucky Clays Fresh. Our renewable, no-waste system includes fish rearing tanks, grow beds and prawn tanks. Judy’s lifelong passion for shooting clays and environmental preservation inspired Lucky Clays Farm and will continue to sustain Lucky Clays Fresh.